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Virtual Events: What type of Virtual Event is Best for My Small Business?

Virtual Events: What type of Virtual Event is Best for My Small Business?

In What is a Virtual Event? we looked at the definition of “Virtual Event” and different examples of virtual events including: webinars, virtual conferences, teleconferences, teleseminars, podcasts, virtual meetings and streaming video. In this post, I’d like to show you how four entrepreneurs: a life coach, business consultant, author and speaker, use different virtual event platforms in their small businesses.

Webinars for Coaches

Clara is a Life Coach, when she started her practice the majority of her coaching consisted of one-on-one meetings with her clients at their homes, or her office. While she enjoys working with clients in this intimate manner, the fee she must charge for her services made life coaching out of reach for many individuals. By developing a small group life coaching webinar program, she is able to offer a more affordable option and reach a much broader audience. Small group coaching webinars are particularly effective for business, marketing, life, wellness and relationship coaches who work with clients around the country, or even around the world.

Virtual Meetings for Consultants

Scott is a Business Consultant, he works in his home based office here in Massachusetts. Many of his clients are not based locally, some are not even located in the United States. But by engaging the power of a virtual meeting service such as Skype, a webcam and microphone, Scott can ‘visit’ with clients as if they’re sitting at the local coffee shop. Scott has found virtual meetings to be a great way to ‘meet’ with prospective clients online, this goes a long way to building a relationship. By using a virtual meeting tool he gives others an opportunity to get to know, like and trust him, the key to developing a successful business relationship.

Hosting Virtual Events

Teleseminars for Authors

Tamara is a writer and published author, her books are on the subject of marketing for start-up companies. In addition to her latest published book, she’s launching an accompanying online workshop. Tamara uses teleseminars for interviews about her latest book, she discusses key points and answers any questions for those on the call. She has the opportunity to introduce her online workshops and gathers email addresses from those who registered for the teleseminar. Tamara teleseminars are recorded and turned into podcasts, another way to reach her audience.

Video Streaming for Speakers

Steve is building his business as a Motivational Speaker. To secure future speaking opportunities, Steve arranges for all his presentations to be recorded, edited and later streamed to anyone interested in hiring him to speak at an upcoming event. These videos showcase Steve’s speaking ability, stage presence and audience connection. Steve adds video testimonials from audience members and creates a nice video package for potential clients to view. Video streaming presents a great opportunity for speakers, authors, coaches, trainers or really anyone who needs to present as part of their business.

Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners, has this given you some ideas of how you can incorporate virtual events into your business? I’d love to hear how you might use virtual events in your particular niche, please share your thoughts in the comments.

If you have an interest in hosting your own virtual event, but don’t know where to start, I’d love to chat with you. We can take a look at your business and determine which type of virtual event would be best suited to you and your business.

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Jackie de Boer founded Accredited Virtual Assistance to help the busy entrepreneur, solopreneur and small business owner with business tasks they have no time, patience or skills to perform. As a Virtual Assistant (VA) Jackie takes care of administrative, executive & social media marketing strategy, setup & management for coaches, consultants, speakers, voiceover talent and business professionals remotely from her home office based in Massachusetts, USA.

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  • This article was groundgreaking for me! A year ago I started my business to work with entrepreneurs, business owners and their spouses to help them have happy marriages so that they don’t lose their business. Over 40% of business closures are because of divorce.

    I am very up-to-date and use all of the technologies. But I never once thought of small group coaching webinars. I will be researching and planning them thanks to your article!

    • Jackie

      Don that is great to hear, I recently introduced Virtual Event Management to my Virtual Assistant practice and I’m seeing a lot of interest.

      “Over 40% of business closures are because of divorce” that is quite a shocking figure, it looks like you’ve found a great niche to help people Don. The small group coaching webinars could be a great way for you to help even more people, something to think about. Glad you found this post helpful, Part 3 will be coming out in 2 weeks.

      • Do you have links or examples you can share? I have to think through a strategy and how to price it.

        • Hi Don — I’m going to private message you, I have an idea that might work well for you.

  • Hi Jackie,

    All awesome ways to promote your niche using different platforms. One that I would add for team building is google hangout. This way you can engage and interact with your team members and collaborate ideas. Thank you for the great post!

    • Great point Nate, I love Hangouts on Air, another great Google tool and as you say a great team building tool.

  • i like virtual seminars.. i can catch them anytime since they are taped.

    • I agree Robert, recording virtual seminars is a great feature. I do like the flexibility of being able to listen/watch a Virtual EVent on my schedule.

  • Such great content and ideas! Virtual events are an awesome way to stretch your reach! I really love the idea of re-purposing the material as well (record streaming presentation for later use, for example).

    • It’s pretty amazing to me how much repurposing you can do from one Virtual Event, turning the event into a series of blog posts, tweets, or as you mention recording a streaming presentation that you could make into mini promotional videos or vlogs; the sky’s the limit. Thank you for your comments Lynn.

  • I believe virtual seminars are a great idea. I attend them on a regular basis but if I can’t make it one, I can listen later on since they are recorded. I also listen to many more than once. Thanks for sharing, Jackie!

    • Isn’t that a great feature Alexandra, I like to catch up later on many virtual events, sometimes I’ll have a binge virtual event viewing day, just need to add popcorn and it’s like being at the movies 🙂

  • Roz

    Love your examples for the types of professional you used. Would love to see examples of virtual events for small product B2C businesses. To many small businesses with products and online websites, we have to extrapolate because very few talk to US.

  • Sandy K Hardy

    This did open my eyes to the uses that each of these virtual events has. I never thought of it. Great information!

  • I like the Social Media Management. I think we all need that and the more I am working my business I am really going to need this! Thanks~

    • Yes Sharon, Social Media Management is very important these days, whether we choose to do it ourselves or outsource.

  • I never considered a virtual event for our business. But gee, it would be fun to showcase our work and even teach DIY people how to do what we do! I have a lot of To Dos on my summer list and maybe I should add this one to my list!Thanks!

    • Tina, you could put together a nice series of webinars about flower arranging for instance. You might want to start with some mini quick tips free videos and then introduce your webinar series, could develop into another income stream for you.

  • Google Hangouts is great for hosting virtual events, and for business with clients overseas Skype still works wonders.

    • I love Hangouts on Air Simona, Google has really come a long way with this service. I still use Skype for my UK friends and family, I’ve even had my 80 year old mother Skyping.

  • I do believe that in my type of business it wouldn’t be valuable to do a virtual event. But that’s my current thought that thanks for all the good information. I like how you described three different styles of events.

  • As an author, I really appreciate you taking the time to breakdown how
    to use a teleseminar. Thanks!

  • Thanks for a good overview on how to take advantage of virtual events. I have been considering how I might utilize virtual meetings this year in my business.

  • Thanks for clarifying this Jackie. You make good points and I can see which would work the best for me. In fact the 2 I chose are the ones I’m presently using so I guess I was on the right track. Thanks for an amazing post! x0x

  • This was very helpful, Jackie. I have done a teleseminar but had not thought about turning it into podcasts. Thanks!

  • There are also other tools, like Go To Webinar and Go To Meeting, that offer different possibilities for virtual events. They might have a higher cost, but in certain situations they are more than justified. Thanks for the great examples differentiating the various uses of technology!

  • I would like to start making videos to educate about the nutritional products I sell. It would be opening up another avenue of promotion. I believe it would bring a more personal touch to my presentations.

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