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Are You

Starting a new business?
Your administrative needs are sporadic, and you don’t have sufficient work or resources for a full-time assistant.

Ready to take your business to the next level?
Your business is moving forward, but you are spending too much time on administrative tasks, leaving little time to concentrate on business promotion.

Running an established business?
You have full-time staff members in place, but they are overloaded and unable to handle the extra seasonal or overflow work your business generates.

Considering outsourcing?
You would prefer to have certain administrative tasks handled by a 3rd Party for confidential or cost-effective reasons. But where can you find a reliable resource that has your best interests at heart?

Spending too much time at work, on work?
You started your own business to enjoy the freedom of working for yourself, but other important aspects of your life such as family, friends and hobbies are suffering.

Running a home-based business?
Your clientele has grown and you’ve become overwhelmed with the daily administrative tasks. You know you could use some help, but you don’t have the office space, desire, or need for a full-time assistant.

Interested in going international?
You’re interested in expanding into Europe and/or Asia, but you need a culturally sensitive assistant with first-hand experience of living and working abroad.

You’ve Come to the Right Place!
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