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Employee versus Virtual Assistant (VA)

Employee versus Virtual Assistant (VA): How do you Choose?

There comes a time, in every entrepreneur and small business owner’s life, when the realization hits; they can no longer run their business alone. For some, this realization comes prior to business launch, for others it may take months, or even years, before they seek assistance.

At one time, the only solution was to hire an employee. However, with the rapid advancements in technology a viable alternative evolved. That alternative is a virtual assistant (VA).

How do you choose between an employee and a virtual assistant? What are the advantages of working with a virtual assistant rather than hiring an employee? Here are some points to consider when you’re ready to take your business to that next level.

Admin Assistant

Virtual Assistants are Business Owners
Unlike some employees and temporary staff who just show up, virtual assistants own their own business and take the needs of their clients very seriously. A VAs success is dependent on their clients’ success.

Office Space, Furniture and Equipment
Business owners do not incur the cost of office space, furniture and equipment when working with a VA. VAs work remotely, from their fully equipped offices. They keep their equipment up to date with the latest software and virus protection.

Virtual Assistants are 100% Efficient
Several years ago, a workplace survey found employees to be, on average, only 75% productive during the work day. This equates to just 6 hours of productivity for an 8 hour workday. A VA, on the other hand, is 100% efficient and charges only for the time spent on each task.

Payroll Tax, Insurance & Benefits
Virtual assistants are independent contractors. Unlike an employee, when working with a VA, there are no payroll taxes, social security, unemployment insurance payments or benefits; there is no vacation or sick pay to deal with.

Virtual Assistants are Flexible
A virtual assistant is available on an as needed basis. A VA is able to assist with as little as the occasional 1 hour project, to providing a 20+ hour a month service plan. Again, business owners and entrepreneurs pay only for the time spent on their task(s).

Are you still undecided as to whether to hire a full-time employee, or subcontract with a virtual assistant? I’d be happy to set up a complimentary phone consultation, to talk about your business and administrative support solutions. Just click the “Get in Touch” tab above, add you contact information and select a day that works best for you.

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Jackie de Boer founded Accredited Virtual Assistance to help the busy entrepreneur, solopreneur and small business owner with business tasks they have no time, patience or skills to perform. As a Virtual Assistant (VA) Jackie takes care of administrative, executive & social media marketing strategy, setup & management for coaches, consultants, speakers, voiceover talent and business professionals remotely from her home office based in Massachusetts, USA.

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  • I am a big believer in virtual assistants!

    • Jackie

      I love to hear that Beth 🙂

    • Jackie de Boer

      So good to hear Beth 🙂

  • It took some time to find a good virtual assistant but now that I have, I know I couldn’t live without her!

    PS Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Shelley! So glad you found a VA that’s a great fit for you and your business.

    • Jackie de Boer

      Glad you found the perfect VA for you Shelley.

  • Kim Garst

    Great job distinguishing the difference… it sometimes takes time to find the VA or assistant that is right for you, but once you do your business can soar! You never know, your VA may turn into an employee. Worked for us! 🙂

    • Jackie de Boer

      I agree Kim, chemistry and work style/expectations are also important when finding the right VA.

  • Great post! So many business owners don’t realize the difference a VA can make to their business.

    • Jackie de Boer

      Thanks Kerry, you’re right!

  • Thanks for sharing this valuable information! Good to know the difference!

    • Jackie de Boer

      Thanks Denny, so happy you found it helpful.

  • I have recently hired a VA and I so agree! Great resource for those who are uninformed!

    • Jackie de Boer

      Thanks Anita, great to hear.

  • Jackie Harder

    Great information here. Thanks for posting.

    • Jackie de Boer

      Thank you Jackie!

  • VA’s can be a life saver, especially for businesses that are looking to grow and continue to expand. In many cases, I’ve seen a VA turn into a full time employee as well 🙂

    • Jackie de Boer

      Thanks for you comment Edmund, I agree VA’s can be lifesavers, administrative lifesavers 🙂

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