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7 Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

7 Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

  1. Flexibility

    Whether you have an established business, or you’re a start-up entrepreneur, you are sure to experience some peaks and lows in workload throughout the year. For example, a Real Estate Agent is likely to be very busy with selling and listing during the spring, and into the summer months, while winter months may not see so much activity. A VA has the flexibility to be there for you, as and when needed. Some Virtual Assistants offer clients the option of an hourly pay-as-you-go plan, with no monthly hourly minimum; this is a great solution for small business owners and entrepreneurs with varying workloads.

  2. More Time

    By working with a VA, small business owners and entrepreneurs free up some time. Clients might use this time to grow and develop their business, to spend more time with family and friends, or to enjoy greater work/life balance. Before you start working with a VA, be sure to have a plan of what and how you are going to take advantage of those extra hours in your day.

  3. No Office Space

    When working with a VA you’ll enjoy the cost saving benefit of not paying for additional office space for an assistant. If you work from your home office, bringing an assistant into your home may not go over well with family members living in the same home. Most Virtual Assistants work from their home offices, so no expensive office rent for you to pay, or for the home office, no family discontent.

  4. No Equipment Expenses

    If you consider all the equipment required for an in-house assistant such as: computers, software, copiers, phone system etc., not to mention furniture such as: desks, chairs, cabinets etc. the expenses can really add up. With a VA you don’t incur any of these costs. Most Virtual Assistants have a fully equipped, up-to-date home based office.

    Virtual Assistant Office

  5. No Personnel Issues

    A VA is an independent contractor, so there’s no payroll to handle. Additionally a VA is 100% productive, you don’t pay for coffee breaks, water cooler time, sick leave or wasted time, you pay only for the time spent on your task or project. When you consider you may not be keeping a full-time assistant busy 8 hours a day, 5 days a week you could enjoy some cost saving benefits by working with a VA  http://jackiedeboer.com/employee-or-va

  6. Build, Monitor & Manage your Social Networking Platforms

    An effective social media plan takes time and effort; a Social Media Virtual Assistant can help you strategize and plan your social media efforts, build and grow your networks and monitor and manage content as required. At AVA we can create a social media plan best suited to your needs.

  7. Highly Skilled Professional Partner

    A good VA is highly skilled in the services he or she offers, but a great VA will take it a step further and become a true business partner, offering suggestions on how to work together as efficiently and effectively as possible. A great VA will be a sounding board for your business thoughts and ideas and an advocate for your business.

What do you see as the #1 benefit to working with a Virtual Assistant? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Jackie de Boer founded Accredited Virtual Assistance to help the busy entrepreneur, solopreneur and small business owner with business tasks they have no time, patience or skills to perform. As a Virtual Assistant (VA) Jackie takes care of administrative, executive & social media marketing strategy, setup & management for coaches, consultants, speakers, voiceover talent and business professionals remotely from her home office based in Massachusetts, USA.

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  • Jackie, I really liked how you focused on how businesses can be, do and have more by using a virtual assistant. Too many business folks thing they have to do everything themselves. They don’t. Great job!

    • Jackie

      So true Jackie, by trying to do it all themselves, they can’t see the forest from the trees. Instead of having the time to concentrate on the activities that will grow their business, they get overwhelmed and worn down, by the administrative burden they carry everyday.

  • Learning to outsource those things I didn’t know well or that took me 10 times longer than someone else, was one of the best things I ever learned.

    • Jackie

      Good for you Shelley, I’m so glad to hear it 🙂

  • Great reasons to hire a VA! I couldn’t do without mine, that’s for sure.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Kim, I know you have a great VA 😉

  • Based on your list here, VA’s can be lifesavers due to the added benefits that they can bring to the table. The biggie that stands out to me is the increase in productiveness and ability to free up more time.

    • Jackie

      I agree Edmund, freeing up more time is a great benefit of working with a VA.

  • a

    Absolutely! We all should use a VA when we can afford to expand 🙂

    • Jackie

      Thanks for your comment Anita 🙂

  • Indira Pierrot

    I have used the services of a VA before and it was of great value! All your points are dead on!

    • Jackie

      Glad you had such a good experience working with a VA Indira, great to hear.

  • Honestly, I would go out of my mind without my VA! It is money well spent for sure.

    • Jackie

      Glad to hear your VA is working out so well for you Beth.

  • Great post Jackie! Outsourcing is so important. Great reminders for people as to why they should hire a VA!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Kerry – Virtual Assistants and Virtual Bookkeepers like yourself can really help entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  • Sue

    VA’s definitely help a business function in the best possible way .. with everyone doing what they are best at! Everyone wins!

    • Jackie

      Thank you for your comment Sue, I agree completely.

  • Romel Spielberg

    Virtual assistants work with clients from an array of businesses, and as such, they boast significant knowledge about many different fields. This means they will easily adapt to the demands of any tasks given to them.

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